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The seminars, programs and events offered by the Alberta Business Family Institute can help you build a successful future for your organization and the members of your family.

A must-attend Alberta business gala dinner, the Signature Event is ABFI’s annual celebration of the history and success of outstanding multi-generational business families. With an attendance of over 600 people combined in Edmonton and Calgary, it is an opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of some of Canada’s most successful businesses and the families who own them.

Since 2003, Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI) has been sharing the stories of successful business families. Not merely an award or a family of the year designation, the Signature Event it is a celebration, highlighting the inner workings of businesses and the families who own them. This year, we are pleased to announce the 20th Signature Event honouring the Sunner Family of Durabuilt Windows & Doors.

ABFI hosts Terry Hay Legacy Series events to celebrate Terry’s commitment to learning and personal development made possible by the Hay Family of Scandinavian Building Services, our 2022 Signature Family

Check out our Terry Hay Leadership Series brought to you with the support of the Hay Family Scandinavian Building Services.

Dive into the world of family businesses with our podcast, “Table Talk with ABFI.” Hosted by ABFI’s Executive Director, Matt Knight, this unscripted podcast spotlights Alberta’s entrepreneurial families, revealing:

  • Origins & Evolution: Discover the foundation of family enterprises and their transformative journeys.
  • Personal Triumphs: Hear heartfelt stories of individual ambition and resilience.
  • Family Dynamics: Navigate the intricate interplay of relationships, transitions, and generational handovers.
  • Growth & Motivation: Uncover breakthrough moments and strategies propelling these businesses forward.

In episode 5 of Table Talk, Matt Knight sits down with Harry, Joe, and Henny Sunner of Durabuilt Windows & Doors, members of the honoured family for ABFI’s 20th Annual Signature Event.

In this captivating discussion, the Sunners share their personal and professional journey in the window and door industry. They provide insight into how, over 29-years, they built Durabuilt with grit, determination, and passion, and unpack their experiences from immigration hurdles to business milestones.

You will learn how the Sunners have mastered the art of blending resilience and strategic innovation — from AI to automation — to stay ahead in the competitive world of manufacturing.

They also discuss the importance of family support, and how mentoring the next generation of family members and employees is key to their business philosophy. With over 700 employees, the Sunners are not just building windows and doors, but also opening new opportunities for leadership and growth in the industry.

Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, family business dynamics, or the evolving role of technology in traditional industries, this episode offers insights into managing growth, embracing change, and fostering relationships both within and outside the family business sphere.

You can learn more about the business journey of the Sunner Family and their company at ABFI’s Signature Event on October 1 and 3, 2024.

Season 1

S1-Episode 1: ArrKann Trailer & RV, Sarah Baptiste, 2nd Generation President and CEO
S1-Episode 2: VETS Group, 4th Generation leaders, Sean Rayner and Erin Rayner
S1-Episode 3: Poppy Barley Founders and Co-CEOS, Justine and Kendall Barber
S1-Episode 4: Cashco Financial leaders, Tim Latimer and Lindsay Dodd
S1-Episode 5: Durabuilt Windows & Doors, Harry Sunner (President & CEO), Joe Sunner (Chairman), and Henny Sunner

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BEING PART OF A BUSINESS FAMILY CAN FEEL ISOLATING. Peer groups bring together a group of 8-10 business family leader to share common experiences and solutions to business, family, and governance challenges.

The relaunch of our NxGen Leadership program has been designed to allow the leaders of tomorrow the opportunity to exchange

ideas, pursue learning and share strategies to achieve growth and success on both a professional and personal level. 
Family business peer groups are moderated by professional facilitators from ABFI. These confidential groups often become one’s personal board of advisors, offering support and peer-to-peer learning. Please apply to if you would like more information on our peer groups.

The FEA Program & Designation will expand your expertise and help you bring family-focused and thoughtful solutions to your family enterprise clients. The Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Program prepares you to be fluent in the complexities and nuances of serving business families. In 2024, Family Enterprise Canada will offer three opportunities for the FEA Programs in January, May, and October. Register for the 2024 FEA Program today. For more information contact Tim Mohr at